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Biological risk assessment and management

  • Decontamination of materials, equipment and laboratories used in a Covid-19 context, series of webinars for Pakistani scientists involved in Covid diagnostic and management, Health security Partners, Ph. Stroot, 2020

  • Biosafety cabinet selection, servicing and efficient use, Ph. Stroot, Series of workshops and webinars, Pakistan Biological Safety Association, 2017-2020

  • Biological waste management – Establishing sustainable biowaste management programs, Ph. Stroot, Preconference workshop, Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Design and construction of high containment facilities – A look behind the walls', Ph. Stroot, Wheatley M. & Fink M., Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2015, Wien, Austria

  • Design of biological facilities – How to be an intelligent customer, Ph. Stroot et al., Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2014, Gent, Belgium

  • Biosecurity – From risk assessment to program implementation, Ph. Stroot, Belgian Biosafety Professionals, 2012, Liège, Belgium

  • Engineering for biosafety – Air changes and distribution, Stroot Ph., European Biosafety Association Annual Conference, 2008, Firenze, Italy

  • Three-phase risk assessment of human and animal cell culture activities, U. Jenal, Swiss Microbial Safety Meeting, 2008, Bellinzona, Switzerland

  • Biorisk management, biosafety programs and institutional biorisk management systems, Ph. Stroot, Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2008, Firenze, Italy

  • Biological risks and their management in the industry, Ph Stroot, course for engineers of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (yearly since 2007)

  • Design and management of BSL3 laboratories, Stroot Ph. & Kampert E., Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2006, Den Haag, the Netherlands

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