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Biological risk assessment and management

  • Decontamination of materials, equipment and laboratories used in a Covid-19 context, series of webinars for Pakistani scientists involved in Covid diagnostic and management, Health security Partners, Ph. Stroot, 2020

  • Biosafety cabinet selection, servicing and efficient use, Ph. Stroot, Series of workshops and webinars, Pakistan Biological Safety Association, 2017-2020

  • Biological waste management – Establishing sustainable biowaste management programs, Ph. Stroot, Preconference workshop, Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Design and construction of high containment facilities – A look behind the walls', Ph. Stroot, Wheatley M. & Fink M., Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2015, Wien, Austria

  • Design of biological facilities – How to be an intelligent customer, Ph. Stroot et al., Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2014, Gent, Belgium

  • Biosecurity – From risk assessment to program implementation, Ph. Stroot, Belgian Biosafety Professionals, 2012, Liège, Belgium

  • Engineering for biosafety – Air changes and distribution, Stroot Ph., European Biosafety Association Annual Conference, 2008, Firenze, Italy

  • Three-phase risk assessment of human and animal cell culture activities, U. Jenal, Swiss Microbial Safety Meeting, 2008, Bellinzona, Switzerland

  • Biorisk management, biosafety programs and institutional biorisk management systems, Ph. Stroot, Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2008, Firenze, Italy

  • Biological risks and their management in the industry, Ph Stroot, course for engineers of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (yearly since 2007)

  • Design and management of BSL3 laboratories, Stroot Ph. & Kampert E., Preconference course, European Biosafety Association, 2006, Den Haag, the Netherlands

Biorisk management advisors as gatekeepers of sustainable biotechnology

November 03 2021
Fostering biotechnology to achieve sustainable development goals needs sound biological risk assessment and mitigation to stay within the limits of safety and security of people and the environment.

Highlights of the World Vaccine Congress Europe 19-21 October 2021 in Barcelona

October 26 2021
Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Terrapinn UK the 2021 World Vaccine Congress Europe could take place on site. Highlights related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other vaccines are summarized below.

Gene technology for sustainable development

July 12 2021
Gene technology for sustainable development: a genetically modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae to produce ethanol from toxified lignocellulosic feedstocks
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