With our 20 years of experience we offer a large range of services allowing the safe use of genetically modified organisms and protection from infectious disease agents.

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Adapted solutions for biorisk management

Efficient, pragmatic, to the point: Adapted solutions for biorisk management for biology laboratories, production plants, green houses and animal facilities.


  • Biorisk assessment of organisms and latest technologies

  • Biorisk management systems

  • Biorisk management audits

  • Work place assessment and best biosafety practices

  • Emergency planning and crisis management

  • Design and construction of facilities to contain biologicals of different risks


  • Design and support of the development of biorisk management systems for small, middle and large size companies and other institutions involved in biomedical research, biotechnologies (vaccines, gene therapy, nanotechnologies…)

  • Technical support for the solving of various specific issues related to biosafety, biosecurity and biological waste management programs

  • Support to the design and construction of biological laboratories, greenhouses and production facilities

  • Biorisk management and risk-based technical audits of laboratories and other containment facilities, including effluent decontamination facilities 

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  • We present on topics as diverse as risk assessment and risk mitigation for

  • Three-phase risk assessment of human and animal cell culture activities, U. Jenal, Swiss Microbial Safety Meeting, 2008, Bellinzona, Switzerland

  • Biological waste management – Establishing sustainable biowaste management programs, Ph. Stroot, Preconference workshop, Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Decontamination of materials, equipment and laboratories used in a Covid-19 context, series of webinars for Pakistani scientists involved in Covid diagnostic and management, Health security Partners, 2020

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