With our 20 years of experience we offer a large range of services allowing the safe use of genetically modified organisms and protection from infectious disease agents.

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Environmental risk assessment for recombinant products

Science based, sound, transparent: Evaluation of new techniques and environmental risk assessment for research, clinical trials, field releases or market application.


  • Recombinant cell and gene therapy products

  • Synthetic biology and nanomedicine

  • Oncolytic viruses and recombinant live viral and bacterial vaccines for human and animal use

  • Genome editing and gene drives

  • Risk assessment of deliberate release of genetically modified and pathogenic microorganisms

  • Regulatory support and interaction with the regulator


  • Environmental risk assessment for clinical trial and market authorization applications of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products to EU member states and the European Medicines Agency, respectively

  • Biologics assessment for the Biologics License Application to the US Food and Drug Administration

  • Environmental risk assessment in the context of deliberate release of genetically modified (micro)organisms


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