With our 20 years of experience we offer a large range of services allowing the safe use of genetically modified organisms and protection from infectious disease agents.

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Applicable misuse prevention in bioscience

Science based, interactive, transparent: Responsible bioscience, prevention of misuse in biological research and establishment of biosecurity measures.


  • Guidance on biosecurity risk assessment

  • Evaluation of misuse potential of biological research

  • Establishment of best biosecurity practices in the larger context of IT and physical security

  • Proposal regarding responsible behavior aspects


  • Workshops regarding prevention of misuse of biological research with representatives of Swiss Universities for the Forum for Genetic Research for the Swiss Academy of Science, 2016

  • Integration of biosecurity into biosafety programs


  • Misuse potential and biosecurity in life sciences research, A new report by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences provides a discussion basis for scientists on how to address the risk of misuse of biological research, F. Oeschger & U. Jenal, 2017, ISSN: 2297-1572

  • Gain of function: experimental applications relating to potentially pandemic pathogens, participation in the development of the policy report 27 of the European Academies Science Advisory Council for the Swiss Academy of Science, 2015

  • Contributing to BWC Compliance via Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Biorisk Management, P. Stroot & U. Jenal, The Non-proliferation Review, 18 (3), 2011