With our 20 years of experience we offer a large range of services allowing the safe use of genetically modified organisms and protection from infectious disease agents.

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Promotion of global biosafety and biosecurity

Encompassing, prospective, connecting: Global harmonization and implementation of biosafety and biosecurity.


  • Placing biorisk management systems into a global context

  • Design of best biosafety and biosecurity practices to  allow for adaptation of local and regional applications

  • Design of national and international guidance documents in the context of global harmonization


  • ISO/TC212 Working Group 5, development of an ISO Technical Standard on competence of biorisk management advisors

  • CEN workshop process for the workshop agreement CWA16335:2011 BioSafety Professional (BSP) competence

  • Member of the certification body of the International Federation of Biosafety Associations, IFBA

  • CBRN CoE Project P46 “Enhancement of CBRN capacities of South East Asia in addressing CBRN risk mitigation concerning CBRN first response, bio-safety and bio-security, awareness raising and legal framework”

  • Technical and scientific support to the design of the biosafety regulations in Tunisia


  • From Standards to Effective and Efficient Practices in Biosafety and Biosecurity, U. Jenal, 3rd Annual International Symposium “Biosecurity and Biosafety: future trends and solutions”, Oct. 2011, Milano, Italy

  • What’s in place to prevent the development of biological weapons on the industry side? U. Jenal, The Biological Weapons Convention, biosecurity and the industry, Brussels, 20 June 2011, The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Capacity building in biorisk management in Southeast Asia – EU CBRN Project 46, Stroot Ph., Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, Annual Conference, 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Addressing gaps in biorisk management capacity in the SEA Region – Is it still a challenge?, Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, Annual Conference, 2017, Beijing, China