With our 20 years of experience we offer a large range of services allowing the safe use of genetically modified organisms and protection from infectious disease agents.

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Mentoring of biosafety and biosecurity professionals

Uncompromising, versatile, determined: Mentoring and training of biosafety and biosecurity advisors in institutions and train the trainer courses.


  • Mentoring for biosafety advisors in university and industry settings

  • Communication coaching for biosafety advisors

  • Train biosafety advisors how to train biosafety and biosecurity and how to address behavioral safety issues

  • Advise biosafety advisors on how to organize biosafety and biosecurity in their institutions


  • European Biosafety Association (EBSA) and Asia-Pacific Biological Safety (APBA) advanced pre-conference biosafety courses for biosafety professionals   

  • Train-the-trainer biosafety workshops and follow-up as part of the “EU CBRN Centres of Excellence Project 46” for South-East Asia

  • Biosafety training workshops on account of local biosafety associations or official organizations (Switzerland, Belgium, Tunisia, Pakistan…)


  • The Biosafety Officer -A Networking Expert, U. Jenal, Belgian Biosafety Professionals, Belgium

  • Biosafety and biosecurity awareness, Ph. Stroot et al., 4-day workshops, Pakistan Biological Biosafety Association, 2013-2015

  • The Biosafety Professional, the expert to advise on and promote the implementation and the improvement of biosafety and biosecurity management in an institution, U. Jenal, 2nd Annual International Symposium “Biosecurity and Biosafety: future trends and solutions”, Italy

  • Management aspects of biosafety and creating a culture of biosafety, Trevan T. (Chrome) & Stroot Ph., workshops, Pakistan Biological Safety Association, 2017

  • Setting of and managing efficient Institutional Biosafety Committees, Ph. Stroot, 2-day workshops, Pakistan Biological Safety Association, 2018